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Staff contact information and biographies, board of directors list.

Administration: 503-292-6855

Wildlife Care Center: 503-292-0304

Nature Store:  503-292-9453


Executive Director: Nick Hardigg nhardigg@audubonportland.org

Finance and Operations Director: Xander Patterson  xpatterson@audubonportland.org

Human Relations Manager and Executive Assistant: Keia Booker kbooker@audubonportland.org

Communications Manager: Ali Berman aberman@audubonportland.org

Communications Coordinator: Kelsey Kuhnhausen kkuhnhausen@audubonportland.org

Volunteer Manager: Adam Kinnard  akinnard@audubonportland.org

Bookkeeper: Sharon Jamin sjamin@audubonportland.org


Conservation Director: Bob Sallinger  bsallinger@audubonportland.org

Avian Conservation Program Manager: Joe Liebezeit  jliebezeit@audubonportland.org

Backyard Habitat Program Manager: Nikkie West nwest@audubonportland.org

Backyard Habitat Program Assistant: JP Marchetti-Mendez jmarchettimendez@audubonportland.org

Urban Naturalist: Mike Houck mikehouck@urbangreenspaces.org

Conservation Field Coordinator: Micah Meskel  mmeskel@audubonportland.org

Field Organizer: Stephanie Taylor staylor@audubonportland.org

BirdSafe and Lead-free Campaign Coordinator: Mary Coolidge mcoolidge@audubonportland.org

Wildlife Care Center Manager: Lacy Campbell lcampbell@audubonportland.org

Wildlife Care Center Assistant: Rosie Sanchez rsanchez@audubonportland.org

Field Biologist: Candace Larson clarson@audubonportland.org


Education Director: Nicki Dardinger ndardinger@audubonportland.org

Youth Programs Manager: Ian Abraham  iabraham@audubonportland.org

Community Programs Manager: Youn Han yhan@audubonportland.org

Adult Education Manager:  Dan Van den Broek dvandenbroek@audubonportland.org

Environmental Educator and Curriculum Specialist: Tim Donner tdonner@audubonportland.org

Environmental Educator: Abby VanLeuven: avanleuven@audubonportland.org

Education Programs Coordinator: Marissa Duncan mduncan@audubonportland.org

Adult Programs Coordinator: Erin Law elaw@audubonportland.org

Development and Membership

Development Director: Charles Milne cmilne@audubonportland.org

Donor Relations Manager: Donna Wiench dwiench@audubonportland.org

Membership Manager: Tony Arnell tarnell@audubonportland.org

Development Coordinator: Katy Johnson kjohnson@audubonportland.org

Birdathon Coordinator: Mark Fitzsimons mark.birdathon@gmail.com

Database Administrator: Mitch Lamey mlamey@audubonportland.org

Nature Store

Nature Store Manager: Nancy Mattson nmattson@audubonportland.org

Nature Store Book Buyer: McKenzie Joslin-Snyder mjoslinsnyder@audubonportland.org

Nature Store Buyer: Janet Drake jdrake@audubonportland.org


Facilities Manager: Rick Meyers rmeyers@audubonportland.org

Sanctuaries Caretaker: Katrina Montoya kmontoya@audubonportland.org

Ten Mile Sanctuary Manager: Paul Engelmeyer  pengelmeyer@peak.org

Information Technology Support: Roger Bond rbond@audubonportland.org


General, Newsletter, and Website Questions

Please email us at general@audubonportland.org.

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