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Established in 1985, the Mamie Campbell Award is given to our most important and dedicated volunteers. Established in 2012, the Audubon Society of Portland Youth Leadership Award is given to young volunteers who demonstrate leadership and a deep commitment to learning about and caring for the environment.

Youth Leadership Award

Established in 2012, the Audubon Society of Portland Youth Leadership Award is given to young volunteers who demonstrate leadership and a deep commitment to learning about and caring for the environment. This year we recognize Lucian Himes. Lucian exemplifies the youth of today who are learning about the environment and sharing their knowledge with others. Just last year, he donated over 100 hours sharing that knowledge with other young people through leading sanctuary tours and helping with children’s classes. According to Ian Abraham, our Onsite Program Specialist, “Lucian’s growth as a sanctuary tour leader has been impressive! He has become adept at working with students his own age and younger. His understanding of the Natural History of the Audubon Sanctuary is a true asset to the sanctuary tour program, and we thank him for his tremendous work and commitment to Portland Audubon.”

The inaugural recipients of this award were Christopher and Adrian Hinkle.

Generosity and Commitment: The Mamie Campbell Award

2013 volunteer award winners
2013 volunteer award winners. Back row: Claire Carter, Susan Dale, Denny Graham, Mary Solares. Front row: Lucian Himes, Carol Mitchell. Not pictured: Tony DeFalco, Sue Carr.

The Audubon Society of Portland takes special pride that it is a volunteer organization. Much of what we accomplish is through the generosity and commitment of our more than 1,000 volunteers.

Each year, during the festivities at the annual banquet, Portland Audubon commemorates its most dedicated volunteers by awarding the Mamie Campbell award for volunteer achievement.

Established in 1985, the Mamie Campbell Award is given to our most important and dedicated volunteers. Award criteria include (1) sustained and long-term commitment to PAS, (2) multifaceted volunteer service (in several different program areas), and (3) the importance of the work to PAS and/or the leadership and role model qualities of the individual.

Mamie Campbell was an important figure in Audubon’s early years.  A long-time and active volunteer herself, Mamie was instrumental in establishing the Jr. Audubon Club in Portland.  Mamie was an ardent conservationist and helped distribute environmental brochures to area schools in the 1920s and 30s.  She was also a tireless leader of the Lucy Club, which organized Portland Audubon Society social and special events during the early 1900s and was named after Lucy Audubon, the wife of James Audubon.

The Mamie Campbell Award is the highest honor given to Audubon volunteers, and it recognizes the dedication and service each recipient has tirelessly given. Audubon staff presented this prestigious award to seven deserving volunteers in 2013.

Tony DeFalco is a member of the Audubon Board as well as the Diversity Committee.  He champions our work to continue to build Portland Audubon as an inclusive organization that celebrates diverse people and perspectives.  Our Executive Director, Meryl Redisch, is grateful for Tony’s efforts to “push us to always do more.”  Tony uses his birding knowledge to count bird species during the annual Christmas Bird Count and leads the “Feathers of Color” Birdathon team every year.

Mary Solares began volunteering in 2010 and has already taken on an important leadership role in Audubon’s organization.  Not only has she stepped up in big ways to lead events like the “Lost Bird Project” in 2010 (just a few months after she began volunteering), she’s also a Board Member and was the chair of the Wild Arts Festival last year and continues in that role.  It’s a family affair with Mary, as she engages her husband, Allan; her son, Luke, and other family members in Audubon events.  According to Meryl Redisch, “Mary is the consummate ambassador on behalf of Portland Audubon’s mission.”

Since 2006, Carol Mitchell has donated over 200 hours every year to Audubon.  She’s at her 4-hour shift in the Wildlife Care Center almost every week and shares her knowledge by co-teaching the Wildlife Care Center Basics Class.  She’s a current ed bird handler and a past Ed Bird Assistant, often substituting now in that position.  Carol’s been on the Volunteer Council and participates in Birdathon every year.  The Care Center staff says “Carol always has a smile on her face.  We can ask her to do anything; and, if she doesn’t like it, you’d never know.  She’s a natural leader and a wonderful person to be around.”

Claire Carter has been in the Wildlife Care Center for over 11 years donating almost 2,500 hours there as a Care Center volunteer and an ed bird handler.  She participates in Birdathon with the Red-breasted Winesuckers every year, and we can always count on her to help with Raptor Road Trip and “Night Flight”, Audubon’s Halloween event.  According to Lacy Campbell, Wildlife Care Center Operations Manager, “Claire is great with baby birds!  She’s a natural when it comes to caring for the little ones; and, whenever there is a bird identification question, we go to Claire first.”

Susan Dale served on the Wildlife Care Center “Call of the Wild” Online Auction committee that raised over $7,000 this year for the Care Center.  She can be found there almost every Tuesday morning as she cares for the animals or else you can find her handling one of the education birds and presenting them to the public.  She’s a past Ed Bird Assistant and still substitutes in that role.  By looking at her 389 volunteer hours last year, you can tell that Susan is a hard worker; and the Care Center staff often sees how she “inspires her shift mates by following through to make sure everything gets done.”

Sue Carr has co-led the Road’s Scholar trips to the coast for over 10 years helping to make them the most popular birding trips offered.  Formerly known as Elderhostel, the Road’s Scholar program benefits from Sue’s time and energy as she leads 20 participants on these week-long, dawn-to-dusk birding programs.  Steve Engel, our Adult Education Manager, states that “he loves to go to the coast trips because he knows Sue will be there.  She’s a dedicated and terrific birder and is wonderful with people.”  In Sue’s spare time, she shares her birding expertise by also leading Magpie trips and helping her Birdathon team count lots of species.

Denny Graham began leading tours and trips for Audubon in 2002.   He’s a Master Birder so tour participants really value Denny’s leadership and knowledge.  He’s been an important part of the growth of our Road’s Scholar Program and frequently leads Magpie Audubon Outings.  In fact, The Road’s Scholar Program, which is an international program that takes adults on a variety of thematic trips, wouldn’t be half as successful without Denny’s level of consistency and excellence.  When he’s not leading trips, he uses his wonderful birding skills to help with bird population surveys and to spot birds during his team’s Birdathon trip.


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