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Protecting Birds and Other Wildlife Statewide

Greater Sage Grouse - Scott Carpenter
Greater Sage Grouse - Scott Carpenter

Lead in the Environment
Lead is poisonous to humans and animals alike. While the toxin has been banned from items like paint and pipes, it is still legal to use lead ammunition for hunting animals other than waterfowl in the state of Oregon, a practice that poses a threat to wild birds that eat meat or scavenge.

Wind Power 
Climate change represents the greatest current threat to our native biodiversity and Portland Audubon strongly supports the development of renewable energy sources. However, it is also critical that these new energy sources be developed in a manner that minimizes impacts to native wildlife.

Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
The Klamath Basin's productive wetlands and strategic location along a migration corridor have made it one of the continent’s most important parcels of waterfowl habitat.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Despite its importance to birds and other wild animals, Malheur's wildlife potential has been severely undermined by invasive species. Portland Audubon and partners are working with refuge staff to restore Malheur.

State of Oregon's Birds
Oregon is an amazing place for birds - nearly 400 species use the state for some part of their life cycle. However, many of our native bird species are in trouble.

Ocean Protection 
Oregon’s ocean, which has always seemed so bountiful and impervious to human interference, is showing signs of serious stress. Climate change, pollution, coastal development, and past overfishing are just some of the factors causing troubling changes in Oregon’s marine habitats and creatures.

Conservation groups have launched a new campaign, "Oregon, Home of the Clearcut." Sadly, the era of clearcuts is far from over. The campaign and its website call attention to the dismal way we continue to manage our forests and new emerging threats.

Oregon's Important Bird Areas 
An “Important Bird Area” is a site of outstanding importance to bird conservation.

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