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Birdathon Haikus

At the annual Birdathon banquet, a great community of (somewhat) competitive conservationists gathers together to celebrate a month of hard work and dedication to protecting our native birds! A part of the annual celebration evening is the haiku contest. Here are the 2014 submissions, enjoy!

Birdathon Banquet 2014 - Tinsley Hunsdorfer
Birdathon Banquet 2014 - Tinsley Hunsdorfer

Sweet bird in the sky
Camera aimed and ready.
Yikes!  Poop in your eye.
- Shelley Reynolds

A sunny meadow
We watched two mountain bluebirds
Brighter than the sky.
- Kristina Gifford

Cloaca, what’s that?
It’s a bird butt, you dummy.
Gag me with a spoon.
- Anonymous

Worth 2 in the bush
Cinnamon Teals with their tush
Lovely to behold!
- Anonymous

Birdathon Banquet 2014 - Tinsley Hunsdorfer
Birdathon Banquet 2014 - Tinsley Hunsdorfer

Oh joy! Another
Day spent studying all the
Coastal sewage ponds!
- Sally Loomis

I came to count birds.
I found wind, fragrance, sky, joy.
Work day – redefined.
- Ruth Morton

Sixty miles per hour.
“Hey, was that a hummingbird?”
“A Rufus, for sure!”
- Hailey Walls

Birds calling sweetly.
My ears are ringing loudly.
How I love to bird!
- Heather Meinert

House Sparrow eludes
Team desperate for one more
Bird to count for cash.
- Anonymous

Her time’s winding down.
Eleven years as E.D.
Thanks so much, Meryl.
- Mark Greenfield

Rain, rain go away.
How can we find our bright birds?
You blur searching eyes.
- Susan Bexton

I bird – do you go?
Let us!
- Rosie Hamilton

Can it BE?  It is!
Pipit!  Un-mis-takeable!
Oh wait.  Never mind
- Murr Brewster

Beaks, talons, feathers –
Swimming, on wing, roosting above…
Nature’s miracles!
- Dorothy Springer

Small pledges make me
Fieldguides friends big rocks sun sands
Bird wine rides take me
- Joe Chapman

Murre the Merrier
Went east instead to coast
Plethora still found.
- Anne Conway

An ode to a bird
Tweet, hoot, sip, t’-wee, chirr-up
What else can I sing?
- Jordan Epstein

Birding babies bike
Springwater slowly, seeking
A feather’d future.
- Xander Patterson

Chicken for dinner?
No way!  Aren’t we all true
Birds of a feather?
- Judd Conway

Flick Flick Flick Flick Flick
Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat
Off to the next dead pole.
- Dianna Shaffer

Falling asleep 3:30.
Getting up at 4:30 early!!!
- Peter Sallinger

Never will more mist
Fog our fumbling wet binocs
To mask the sapsucker.
- Anonymous

Birding babies bike
Springater slowly, seeing
Feathers forever.
- Xander Patterson

Gone to OSU
Birdathon.  What do I do?
Go bird somewhere new!
- Anonymous

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