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Traveling Programs

Traveling Programs can be presented in your classroom, home or anywhere your youth group meets. All of our programs are lots of fun and highly hands-on, allowing every student to become active in the learning process.

Sean with CricketTraveling Programs can be presented in your classroom, home or anywhere your youth group meets. All of our programs are lots of fun and highly hands-on, allowing every student to become active in the learning process. 

Audubon's Traveling Programs are the perfect compliment to your environmental curriculum, and are wonderful for all school and youth groups including scouts, neighborhood clubs, church groups, etc. We offer the following programs:

Animal Tracking | Befriend a Bird of Prey | Beautiful Birds | Bats | Amphibians and Reptiles | Habitats of Oregon | Owls of Oregon

Traveling Programs can also be delivered at the Audubon Society of Portland to enhance your group's field trip experience! Find out more about our on-site Sanctuary Tour.

Registration Details and Fees

To register, contact Laura Newton at lnewton@audubonportland.org or 971-222-6127.

Program length: One hour
Fee: $90 per program (two program minimum)
Group size: 30 maximum
Ages: Kindergarten-adult
Travel charge:$10 for up to 30 miles. $25 for 30-60 miles from Audubon. Additional fees may apply if travel is greater than 60 miles.

Program Descriptions

Animal Tracking

Animal signs can be read like a book ... if you know the language. Students will examine tracks, pelts, skulls, scat (yes, droppings!), and many other animals signs, to build their detective skills. They will begin to understand the art of tracking mammals, birds, reptiles, and even insects, and discover that every track tells a story. Which way was it going? How fast was it moving? What was it doing? How old was the animal? All this and more is revealed in a track, for those who have the eye! An awe-inspiring program for explorers of all ages.

Befriend a Bird of Prey

Finnegan - Tony Pulokas
Finnegan - Tony Pulokas

Get up close and personal with a bird of prey from our Wildlife Care Center. Students will learn about the unique adaptations that make Birds of Prey awesome predators. Handle skulls, talons, owl wings and discover raptor species living in the Portland area. Then meet a real live Bird of Prey from Audubon and hear how they came to live at the Wildlife Care Center.

Note: program scheduling is dependent on bird and handler availability.

Beautiful Birds

An all-time favorite! Working in lab teams, participants will discover the fascinating world of birds as they study avian bones, wings, feet, feathers, nests, eggs and more! Students will learn about the birds of the Pacific Northwest and how to identify many of the species they see around their home and school. This program is a true classic!


Silver Haired Bat - Bat Conservation International
Silver Haired Bat - Bat Conservation International

Participants will experience these mysterious mammals of the night up close and personal as they handle a number of scientifically-prepared study skins. In our famous bat slide show, your students will view bats from all over the world, including the tiny bumblebee bat, the vampire bat, and the giant flying fox, learning all the reasons why we just love these flying wonders. Students will also get to study a fragile bat skeleton, observe bat droppings, bat houses and more. this is a great introduction to mammalogy and the incredibly important, but commonly misunderstood, ecology of the bat.

Amphibians and Reptiles

No, snakes are not slimy ... but salamanders are! In this class, children will handle reptile and amphibian specimens and learn how to tell these two different kinds of animals apart. Students will trace the family trees of these ancient creatures, solve a habitat puzzle, study amphibian life-cycles and become a member of a croaking choir. This class is so much fun kids won't know how much they've learned until it's too late! (And don't worry, we won't make anyone dissect a frog!) Great for early elementary age students.

Habitats of the Pacific Northwest

Mt Hood - tmStudents will travel the vast Pacific Northwest without ever leaving their school! They will get acquainted with our region's diverse range of habitats, and learn how to identify alpine ecosystems, meadows, grasslands, wetlands, and deserts, just to name a few. Participants will also learn the amazing skill of being able to place a given species in its proper habitat. Lots of hands-on specimens as always! A great overview for students doing field work or studying the Pacific Northwest.

Owls of the Pacific Northwest

Barn Owl JC HWhat have hooked beaks, sharp talons, and cough up fur balls?...You guessed it, owls! This program gives participants the chance to learn to identify the eleven species of owls found in the Pacific Northwest. Prepared study-skins and fantastic slides help to bring these elusive, often nocturnal avian predators right into your classroom. Working in teams of two with lab kits, students handle owl skulls, talons, wings, feathers, and eggs, as they investigate these mysterious and enchanting birds.

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