Progress Report: City of Portland Dark Skies Program

May opens with a heavenly bang: on Thursday, May 7, night sky enthusiasts can look to the eastern horizon at sunset and watch the rise of the last of this year’s three full “supermoons.” These occur when the moon’s full phase coincides with the moon’s closest approach to the earth in its lunar orbit…thus appearing especially large and lustrous. It’s a beacon of wonder in the night sky, and a bold invitation to support our dark skies initiatives here at Portland Audubon!

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Rufous Hummingbird

Mamie Campbell and Youth Volunteer Award Winners 2020

Each year, Portland Audubon staff nominate and honor a cadre of our most dedicated volunteers with the prestigious Mamie Campbell and Youth Leadership Awards. Volunteers who receive these awards are deeply committed, oftentimes putting in hundreds of hours each year, taking on roles in numerous areas of the organization, and working with us for years or sometimes even decades.

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