A landscape showing the Bull Run Watershed looking tranquil among dappled sunlight. Trees can be seen on either side of the river.

Conservation: Your Voice is Needed More Than Ever

The COVID-19 response, if nothing else, opens our eyes to the potential to make rapid and fundamental change. The skies clearing over formerly smog-shrouded cities and the wildlife emerging onto quieted landscapes serve as fleeting ghosts of a future possible…if we are willing to make real change. 

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Person birds individually for Birdathon.

Rethinking Birdathon

Birdathon’s return each spring has been as predictable and fun as the year’s first sighting of a Western Tanager. This year, spring has arrived on schedule but it seems like everything else has changed due to the impacts of COVID-19. Although this is a challenging time, we know that having Birdathon—even in a different form—is critical to our success.

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