Western Tanager singing from atop a snag.

The New School of Birding, Module 3: The Wonders of Migration

Join Candace and Dan to learn about the wonders of bird migration through digital classes and field days! In this module, we hope to raise your awareness of the subtle cues of nature, and bring you into closer understanding of the lives of our feathered neighbors. We’ll explore how and why birds migrate, delving into the mysteries of how birds stay on course, how scientists measure migration, the amazing journeys of long-distance migrants, and much more. Along the way, we’ll practice our birding skills in the field, with a focus on the diversity and abundance of spring migrants in our region.

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Siamese cat sitting inside catio

Nature Night: Cats Safe at Home

Join Portland Audubon and the Feral Cat Coalition to learn more about our unique and innovative 25-year partnership to reduce the number of free-roaming cats on the landscape.

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