Northern Spotted Owlets on branches

2022 Legislative Session Recap

Although it lasted only 35 days, the 2022 Legislative Short Session resulted in some remarkable gains for conservation in Oregon. Portland Audubon’s top two legislative priorities—advancing new stream protections under the Oregon Forest Practices Act and creating a new Elliott State Research Forest—passed with strong support from both conservation and timber interests and with strong bipartisan support.

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Another Season of Drought Approaches at Klamath

The Bureau of Reclamation has announced another year of severe water shortages in the Klamath Basin. Endangered sucker fish in Upper Klamath Lake, endangered salmon in the Klamath River, farmers, and the refuges will all compete again for scarce water, estimated to be less than a seventh of what is typically allocated in a wetter year.

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Avian Flu HPAI policy image

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Q&A

The USDA confirmed the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in two non-commercial backyard flocks in Linn County OR and Pacific County WA, the first confirmed cases of this strain (H5N1 Eurasian strain) of avian influenza in Washington and Oregon.

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An overhead view of West Hayden Island

West Hayden Island—The Time Is Now!

For decades, the 826 acres of wildlife habitat on West Hayden Island has been one of the most conflicted and contested parcels in the Portland metropolitan region. However, an unprecedented opportunity now lies before us to permanently protect one of the largest and most ecologically valuable unprotected natural areas in the region.

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Roberta Jortner

2022 Mamie Campbell Award Winners

Established in 1985, the Mamie Campbell Award is given to our most dedicated volunteers.  Mamie Campbell award winners have sustained and long-term volunteer commitment.  We also look for volunteers who are active in several different programs, and who are leaders and role models in our volunteer community. 

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Mason Bee on lavendar flowers

The Small but Mighty Mason Bee

The early arrival of mason bees is important for local ecosystems and backyards because mason bees are extraordinary pollinators. In fact, one mason bee can pollinate as many flowers as nearly one hundred honeybees!

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A photo of a Northern Spotted Owl perched on a mossy branch.

2022 Legislative Agenda

The Oregon Legislature is meeting for a “short session” this year. Only 35 days long, this session moves very quickly, and legislation that is not scheduled for a committee hearing in the first week is largely dead on arrival. Portland Audubon is prioritizing several important wildlife bills that have already cleared this first hurdle.

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A Northern Spotted Owl perches on a mossy branch, while looking up towards the upper tree canopy.

Two Big Wins for Oregon Forests!

With the passage of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), as well as the bill to create the Elliott State Research Forest, we transcended decades of conflict and advanced the Elliott and the OFPA riparian management into a new era of conservation, collaboration and science-based management.

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