Roberta Jortner

2022 Mamie Campbell Award Winners

Established in 1985, the Mamie Campbell Award is given to our most dedicated volunteers.  Mamie Campbell award winners have sustained and long-term volunteer commitment.  We also look for volunteers who are active in several different programs, and who are leaders and role models in our volunteer community. 

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Harry Nehls at Wild Arts Festival

Harry Nehls: A Keystone Member of Our Flock

Harry Nehls, a unique and treasured member of our flock, has led and supported Portland Audubon for over 64 years! Harry recently retired from his Portland Audubon volunteer work, and we are thrilled to take this opportunity to honor his commitment with a Lifetime Achievement award.

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Wednesday Work Crew working on rerouting N. Collins trail and installing bridge

Blazing a New Trail: The North Collins Reroute Project

Every Wednesday, a group of Portland Audubon volunteers gathers at the 172-acre Wildlife Sanctuary to tackle projects aimed at maintaining the trails as well as protecting and preserving wildlife habitat. One of our latest projects was rerouting the N. Collins trail through the adjacent forest around the “sinkhole” bridge.

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Mamie Campbell and Youth Volunteer Award Winners 2020

Each year, Portland Audubon staff nominate and honor a cadre of our most dedicated volunteers with the prestigious Mamie Campbell and Youth Leadership Awards. Volunteers who receive these awards are deeply committed, oftentimes putting in hundreds of hours each year, taking on roles in numerous areas of the organization, and working with us for years or sometimes even decades.

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