Rufous Hummingbird

Mamie Campbell and Youth Volunteer Award Winners 2020

Each year, Portland Audubon staff nominate and honor a cadre of our most dedicated volunteers with the prestigious Mamie Campbell and Youth Leadership Awards. Volunteers who receive these awards are deeply committed, oftentimes putting in hundreds of hours each year, taking on roles in numerous areas of the organization, and working with us for years or sometimes even decades.

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2019 in Review: Wildlife Care Center

This past year was a wild ride. We cared for 4,011 animals, a record high! To put that in perspective, in 2018 we cared for just over 3,000 animals, so that’s almost a 30% increase in just one year. Interestingly, we saw increases in species intakes across the board, with native mammals (like bats, chipmunks, and ground squirrels) representing the only statistically significant proportional increase.

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94th Annual Portland Christmas Bird Count a Success!

n January 4, 2020, the 94th Annual Portland Christmas Bird Count (CBC) began under surprisingly pleasant skies. By the end of the day, a stalwart and somewhat soggy corps of 269 field birders (a new record!) plus 112 feeder watchers had tallied 122 species and nearly 70,000 individual birds, all seen and heard within our 15-mile diameter count circle.

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