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Nature Night: Something to Crow About

All over the world, crows, ravens, and other corvids have infiltrated nearly every part of our lives. Join us as we host Dr. Kaeli Swift in a discussion of what makes these birds so uniquely captivating. Based on her years of research, Kaeli will share insights into their complex social structures, ability to problem-solve, use complex tools, recognize human faces, and even host funerals for their dead. Join us and see this backyard bird in an entirely different light.

About Dr. Kaeli Swift
Kaeli Swift, PhD is a lecturer at the University of Washington. Since 2012, she has been researching crows and other corvids (jays, magpies, and ravens). She has conducted field-based research observing wild crows, and non-invasive/non-lethal functional imaging studies aimed at understanding the crows’ brain. Her research has been published in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, and Biosphere.

American Crow
American Crow, photo by Scott Carpenter


December 8
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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