FAQs About National Audubon Society and Portland Audubon

Are Portland Audubon and National Audubon Society the same?

Although Portland Audubon is a chapter of the National Audubon Society, we are an independent organization. We have an individual tax id, our own board of directors and governing structure, a unique mission with different conservation priorities, and do 100% of our own fundraising. 

How does Portland Audubon differ from the National Audubon Society?

Both organizations do vital work to protect wildlife and wild places. The National Audubon Society focuses on federal legislation and national priorities. Portland Audubon works in Oregon, focusing on statewide conservation, education, land stewardship, and wildlife rehabilitation. 

Great Egret, photo by Jim Cruce.

Does Portland Audubon collaborate with the National Audubon Society?

The primary way we partner with the National Audubon Society is being part of the National Audubon network. The network includes more than 500 local Audubon chapters and 1.8 million members, providing birds strong representation when advocating with Federally Elected Officials.

Do Portland Audubon and the National Audubon Society share my donation?

As independent organizations, when you donate to the National Audubon Society or Portland Audubon, the funds’ donated stay with the organization you donated to. However, the National Audubon Society does grant approximately $10,000 to Portland Audubon to work on National priorities within the Portland Metro region.

If I am a member of Portland Audubon or National Audubon, do I have membership benefits with both organizations?

Unfortunately no. Your membership benefits are exclusive to the organization that you support with your membership gift. If you want the benefits of both organizations, you must make a 100% tax-deductible membership donation to both organizations.

Do you share my information with the National Audubon Society?

We consider the security of your personal information an utmost priority. We do not share your information with any organization, including the National Audubon Society. This isn’t just a policy; it is in our bylaws.

I accidentally made a gift to the National Audubon Society. What can I do?

First, both organizations are doing incredible work to protect birds and wildlife. If you want to redirect the donation to Portland Audubon, you can ask the National Audubon Society for a refund by calling (800) 428-3826 or emailing customerservice@audubon.org.