Community Science

Portland Audubon’s community science projects span the urban environment from the Portland Metro region to the coast as well as eastern Oregon. We engage members of the public to help us better understand the ecology of birds and other wildlife as well as the habitats they depend on. These efforts enable us to more effectively accomplish our conservation efforts and help influence public policy.

Community science is a great way to have fun, learn about the natural world, and make a difference for wildlife. You don’t have to be a bird expert to participate and we offer trainings for some projects. If you have a  desire to learn, a love of wildlife and the patience to observe the natural world, consider joining one or more of the projects listed below.

For more information about the community science projects listed below, contact Joe Liebezeit at

Eastern Oregon Community Science Projects

Project IBiS | Harney County, Oregon

In Silvies Floodplains, conservationists are working with ranchers on replacing aging flood-irrigation structures with newer structures that are expected to increase waterfowl habitat. This project would help provide baseline information on bird communities that utilize flood-irrigated ranchlands in Harney County as well as provide information on how new infrastructure at some properties is influencing bird use of these areas.

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White-faced Ibis, photo by Tara Lemezis