Be a part of the Portland Audubon flock and help build a region where people and wildlife flourish together! Portland Audubon is a volunteer powered organization, and volunteers account for 35% of our workforce and 43,000 hours of service every year. Working hand-in-hand with our staff, our passionate volunteer base is essential to achieving our mission and helping to inspire people to love and protect the natural world.

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities from single events to regular weekly commitments, all that fit a wide array of schedules and skill sets. Check out the various opportunities for volunteers to get involved.

Volunteers at our annual Backyard Habitat Native Plant Sale.
Volunteers at our annual Backyard Habitat Native Plant Sale.

For current volunteers: Track your hours

How to Become a Volunteer

Step 1: Complete a volunteer application here. After we receive your form, we will email you a reminder to attend our next Volunteer Program Introduction.   

Step 2: Attend a Volunteer Program Introduction. We offer 8 session per year from 12:30 – 4 p.m. at our sanctuary in Heron Hall at 5151 NW Cornell Road in Portland, OR.

Upcoming trainings: February 23 or 26, May 18 or 21, August 24 or 27, November 2 or 5.

Step 3: After the Program Introduction, we will invite you to complete a background check and work with you to find the right volunteer opportunities. Sometimes our opportunities are full, and you may have to wait for your first choice, or we may ask you to support us in another way.

Sanctuary Tour volunteer taking children through the forest.

We do not charge any fees at the program introduction. If you go on to become an active volunteer, we will ask for $20 to cover the cost of a volunteer name badge and t shirt. If this presents a financial hardship and would prevent you from volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Manager to arrange for a partial scholarship. Portland Audubon covers the cost of a background check ($17) as well as a one-year membership ($25-$35 value) for all new volunteers.

Youth Volunteers Welcome!

We welcome youth volunteers! Young people ages 10 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult volunteer. Young people 16 and up may volunteer on their own. For sanctuary work parties, volunteers should be at least 12 years old (and still accompanied by an adult until 16). For the Wildlife Care Center and the Nature Store, all volunteers must be at least 18 years old.