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California Scrub-Jay


Size & Shape
12". Medium-sized, long-tailed, without crest.
Blue above (head, wings) with brown back patch, white eyebrow, dark cheek, white throat with partial blue breast band, blue-gray underside.
Behavior Omnivorous. Eats more seeds in fall, winter, often buries acorns for future retrieval, visits bird feeders. Forages frequently on ground, in brush, usually in flocks. Secretive when nesting.
Habitat Prefers deciduous, scrubby, open or semi-open terrain with thick brush, neighborhoods, gardens, farms, often near oaks.
Field Marks
Blue head with white eyebrow, neck wings and tail, brownish gray back, white throat, light gray underparts, long blue tail.
Noisy with variety of calls: harsh, high-pitched, rising sheenk most often heard.
Fun Facts
Resident Scrub Jay populations have extended their range northward from the southern Willamette Valley over the last century, thanks to their adaptability to human-made habitats.
Scientific Name
Aphelocoma californica

 from Harry Nehls, Tom Aversa and Hal Opperman: Birds of the Willamette Valley Region

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