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Tara Lemezis

A group of kids laughing and eating donuts in nature.

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Salmon Run!, Grades 3-6

Join us for a day in the Gorge as we go in search of Salmon trying to find their way back to spawn! We will learn about the geology that made the Gorge habitat so special, hike the trails, and visit the Bonneville Fish Hatchery to try and find these amazing fish that are so important to the ecology of the Pacific Northwest.

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No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Animal Tracking, Grades 3-6

Head to Jackson Bottom Wetlands, one of the conservation jewels of Washington County in search of birds and mammals that call this marsh home. You will learn about the tracks that these animals leave behind such as paw prints, scat, nests and tree markings and all the special adaptations that these creatures have in order to help them prepare for the upcoming cold winter.

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Great Blue Heron landing in a wetlands

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Wetland Wonders, Grades 3-6

Fernhill Wetlands is a success story for ecological restoration in the Portland Metro area! On this camp you will experience the importance of wetlands for wildlife and the role that humans can play in protecting these key ecosystems that provide safe havens for hundreds of animals that depend on them to survive. Spend the day searching for wildlife and investigate specimens that live in the area.

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A group of kids hike through the forest.

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Autumn Trails – Hike & Learn, Grades 3-6

On this Junior trekking camp we will go to Tillamook State Forest and hike one of their amazing medium-grade trails as we learn to interact with nature in a sustainable way, leaving no trace behind and practicing the 10-essentials to outdoor survival. This camp is for students in grades 4-6.

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Summer Camper holding up two gnomes she painted

November Break Day Camp – Wild Art Adventure, Grades 1-3

We are going crafty, very crafty! On this camp we will recreate art with natural materials found in our Forests, we will engage all of our sense and reimagine a world where humans and nature coexist in harmony and peace. This is where ecology and the arts meet to make a better world for all.

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Two outdoor school participants look at a bird skull specimen.

November Break Day Camp – Our Nocturnal Neighbors, Grades 3-6

Spend the day at our Sanctuary learning about the animals that awake when we go to sleep. Investigate owl and bat specimens to learn about the similarities and differences between the two. We will conduct experiments with our own eyes to see human adaptations for seeing at night and then go out in search of some of these creatures in our forest sanctuary!

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A girl stands in the forest looking up towards the upper canopy.

November Break Day Camp – The Art of Invisibility, Grades 1-3

Let’s head into our sanctuary to practice our stealth and hiding skills. We will learn what type of movements allow us to travel undetected through the woods, how we can learn from animals to better camouflage ourselves and hone our observation skills. Spend the day hiking the trails, camouflaging into the forest and investigating animals that live right here in our forest!

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November Break Day Camp – Naturecrafting, Grades 3-6

Discover your creative side in this one day camp using materials from nature. We will hike the trails finding inspiration and materials like rocks, sticks, fallen leaves and invasive weeds that will turn into creative arts and crafts projects. This is where nature and crafts meet in artsy ways!

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Two young kids peer out from behind a tree in the forest.

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Merry Winter Mammals, Grades 1-3

Join us in our Nature Sanctuary to look for clues and signs left behind by wildlife living in our corner of the Pacific Northwest! We’ll learn how mammals prepare to spend the winter months in Oregon and discover that humans are not the only merry mammals thriving in the area

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Winter Florida Getaway *4 spots left*

Join Portland Audubon for a getaway to sunny Florida, where we’ll travel the southern portion of the state in search of its unique birdlife. We’ll visit the famed Everglades and the Florida Keys in search of Limpkin, Snail Kite, White-crowned Pigeon, and many more. Along the way, we’ll look for enigmatic wildlife like American Crocodile and Manatees and enjoy the fascinating natural history of The Sunshine State.

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A Vermillion Flycatcher, a small bright red and black bird is perched on a small twig.

Scenic Arizona: A Birdy Winter Escape *FULL*

World-class birding, spectacular scenery, and sunshine in February? Join Stefan and Randy for a February escape to the birders’ paradise of southern Arizona. From the exciting specialty species to the always-pleasing regulars such as Vermilion Flycatcher and Mountain Plover, this trip will delight any level of birdwatcher.

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A Cerulean Warbler, a brilliant blue and white songbird is perched on a branch against a green background.

From Boreal Forest to the Sax-Zim Bog: Explore Minnesota!

Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, is a premier birding location in June. We will enjoy many birds of the boreal forest in the north and also birds of the oak-hickory and oak-savannah forests of the St. Croix River floodplain. Join Stefan and Erin to experience the stunning beauty of this area and the unique birdlife of the north.

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