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Join Portland Audubon as we explore the most exciting destinations in the Pacific Northwest and across the globe! Led by passionate and experienced guides, our world-class Ecotour program offers fun and engaging opportunities to observe, learn and build a deeper relationship with the natural world. Our trips are a treasure of birding, wildlife-watching, natural history, and cultural experience.

By choosing to travel with Portland Audubon, you are supporting the critical conservation work that drives our mission. In addition to our work to protect the Oregon landscape, we strive to highlight and invest in conservation initiatives in the places we visit to help promote the understanding, enjoyment, and protection of native birds, other wildlife, and their habitats.  Please join us on an upcoming adventure!

View our 2021 Ecotour policy for information about Early Bird pricing, deposits, cancellations, travel insurance, and more.

Portland Audubon is dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible tourism.

NEW! Early Bird Pricing

We are excited to introduce new, exceptional trip discounts for ecotours!

Register early (three months before a Pacific Northwest trip and five months before domestic or international ecotours) to receive the lowest price, guaranteed, for any of our 2021 trips!
*Only the deposit is required now and Early Bird Pricing is guaranteed when final payment is due, 120 days before trip departure. Please review new ecotour policies below.

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Pacific Northwest Ecotours

Explore the Pacific Northwest with local experts and guides from one of Oregon’s oldest conservation organizations. These trips are open to people of all skill levels, with a focus on comfortable travel and pacing, broad natural history, and attention to the conservation issues of the region.

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Yellow-headed Blackbirds, photo by Tara Lemezis

Domestic Ecotours

Portland Audubon’s domestic Ecotours are full-service birding, natural history, and cultural experiences.  Our goal is to make your trip easy, and we arrange all travel, food, and accommodation, and provide expert birding and natural history guiding, so all you have to focus on is what’s on the other side of your binoculars.

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Prothonotary Warbler, photo by Dennis Church

International Ecotours

Portland Audubon naturalists team up with local expert guides in each destination to provide the best birding, natural history, and cultural trips from Brazil to Ireland to Indonesia. These trips not only highlight the amazing diversity of birds and wildlife, but local and global conservation issues as well. 

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Spangled Cotinga, photo by Mathias Appel

2021 by Date

  • May 1-8 Arizona
    Early Bird Prices: $1,795 members / $1,995 non-members
  • May 8-14 Springtime in Cape May
    Early Bird Prices: $2,295 members / $2,595 non-members
  • June 10-20 New England
    Early Bird Prices: $2,795 members / $3,095 non-members
  • August 17-22 British Columbia
    Early Bird Prices: $1,595 members / $1,795 non-members
  • September 12-18 Ice Age Floods
    Early Bird Prices: $1,895 members / $2,095 non-members
  • September 12-22 Peru: Manú Biosphere Reserve
    Early Bird Prices: $4,295 members / $4,795 non-members
  • September 29 – October 3 Steens Mountain & Alvord Desert
    Early Bird Prices: $1,195 members / $1,395 non-members
  • October 12-27 China: Yunnan Province
    Early Bird Prices: $4,695 members / $5,195 non-members
  • October 14-29 Kenya
    Early Bird Prices: $6,995 members / $7,695 non-members

Our Philosophy

We strive to create a positive, non-competitive group dynamic that helps everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and engaged throughout the trip. This environment lends itself to the formation of lifelong friendships and deep connection with the natural world. The pace of our trips is suitable for avid birders and the novice alike. We model best practices in the field and always interact with nature in a respectful manner.

All of our Ecotours are designed to keep you safe, curious and inspired. We want every participant to experience the joy of discovery, the power of a strong conservation ethic, and a true sense of belonging in the Portland Audubon community.