Floods, Fish, and Formations: A Field Trip to the Columbia Gorge

Designed for school groups, homeschool students and pods, this field trip will take us to the Columbia Gorge to learn the fascinating story behind how lava and ice shaped what we see today, the life cycle of salmon, and more!

Choose a hike where we will have a closer look at the variety of plants and interpret the story held in the rocks we find. Learn about the natural history of salmon and what adaptations make these fish so unique as we observe migrating salmon. Visit Bonneville Fish Hatchery where we will discuss some of the challenges salmon face along with what we can do to help protect them, making sure to save time to say hi to the massive Herman the Sturgeon.

A skilled Portland Audubon Naturalist will take you on a 5-7 hour program leading a field day experience in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge that you and your students will never forget!

Cost (one class up to 35 students): $400
Cost (two classes or 35+ students):
*Cost is per bus, we can offer trips with up to 2 buses per day and with visits to locations at staggered times

Time: Tues-Thurs(needs about 5-7 hours, we can customize the program for your group’s needs)
Grades: 2-10

Select Your Hike

Horsetail Falls: a 1-mile round trip hike, where you can see various forms of basalt, learn about plants along the trail and hike behind a 100-foot waterfall!

Beacon Rock: a 1.8 mile hike that takes you to the top of an extinct volcano that overlooks the Columbia River for incredible views of the Gorge

Ready to book? Email Tara, tlemezis@audubonportland.org

Teacher Resources Coming Soon!

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