Conservation Field Day: Floods, Fish, and Formations

These programs resume Fall 2021.

A skilled Portland Audubon Naturalist will take you on a 6-7 hour program leading a field day experience in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge that you and your students will never forget!

Fee for up to 32 students: $400
Fee for 40-65 students:
Time: Monday – Friday, (needs about 6 hours)
Grades: 2-12

To book, please email Tara Lemezis, Education Registrar:

Conservation Field Day: Floods, Fish, and Formations

Designed for small school groups, pods and homeschool students, this field trip will take us to the Columbia Gorge to learn the fascinating story behind how the Gorge was formed. Hike up Beacon Rock, an extinct volcano to hear about tales of lava and gigantic ice age floods. Then travel to the Oregon side of the river to have lunch and learn about the natural history of salmon and what adaptations make these fish so unique. Visit Bonneville Fish Hatchery where we will discuss some of the challenges salmon face along with what we can do to help protect them, making sure to save time to say hi to the massive Herman the Sturgeon.