Field Days and Onsite School Programs

Due to COVID-19, we’ve adapted our school program experiences, prioritizing the safety of our community and staff. Join Portland Audubon for school programs that take place entirely outdoors!

Through field days or onsite school programs, our student-centered and highly hands-on programs introduce young people to the world of nature and wildlife.

For programmatic options and information, see below.

To book, please email Tara Lemezis, Education Administrator & Marketing Liaison:

Schoolyard (or Schoolhouse*) Science

Learning shouldn’t be limited to within the walls of a classroom. In Schoolyard Science, we’re taking science outdoors to the schoolyard! We’ll meet your class under your school’s outside covered area for learning that is student-centered and promotes interpretation and deeper exploration. Our environmental educators will bring our collection of unique specimens to your students for hands-on, experiential learning about the natural world. Personalize your program by choosing from one of the four themed options below to augment your group’s science and environmental education needs, designed to correlate with NGSS and STEM requirements. You provide the curious minds and we will provide everything else! *Schoolhouse Science is the indoors version of this program. It is dependent on the COVID-situation and will not be offered until Spring 2022.

Choose Your Theme

Neighborhood Birds, Birds of Prey, Pacific Northwest Habitats & Mammals, and Night Flight: Bats & Owls

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1 hour per class, 2-5 classes (2 class minimum. All participating classes will have the same theme.), Monday-Friday


$300 for first 2 classes, $100 each additional



Students investigating Birds of Prey, photo by Tara Lemezis

Wild in the City

Portland is home to some of the most incredible natural wildlife areas to be found in any urban setting in the country! These greenspaces provide valuable habitat for wildlife that live right in the heart of the greater Portland area. On this two hour program, with binoculars in hand, (provided by Portland Audubon) students will learn about the benefits these natural areas provide for wildlife, how animals thrive and navigate challenges living with us in these urban settings, and the history of the greenspace itself. We’ll hike along the trails searching for and learning about the plants and animals who live there, or the ones that we may encounter along the way.

Choose Your Greenspace

Oaks Bottom, Powell Butte, Columbia Park, or Cathedral Park. Our educators will meet you at the greenspace of your choice.


2-hours, flexible times Tuesday-Thursday


$295, one classroom



Senior Educator Tim Donner showing students native plants, photo by Tara Lemezis

Booking now for Spring 2022

Conservation Field Day: Floods, Fish, and Formations

Designed for school groups, homeschool students and pods, this field trip will take us to the Columbia Gorge to learn the fascinating story behind how lava and ice shaped what we see today.

Choose a hike where we will have a closer look at the variety of plants and interpret the story held in the rocks we find. Learn about the natural history of salmon and what adaptations make these fish so unique as we observe migrating salmon. Visit Bonneville Fish Hatchery where we will discuss some of the challenges salmon face along with what we can do to help protect them, making sure to save time to say hi to the massive Herman the Sturgeon.

A skilled Portland Audubon Naturalist will take you on a 5-7 hour program leading a field day experience in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge that you and your students will never forget!

Cost (one class up to 35 students): $400
Cost (two classes or 35+ students):
*Cost is per bus, we can offer trips with up to 2 buses per day and with visits to locations at staggered times

Time: M-Thurs(needs about 5-7 hours, we can customize the program for your group’s needs)
Grades: 2-12

Select Your Hike

Horsetail Falls: a 1-mile round trip hike, where you can see various forms of basalt, learn about plants along the trail and hike behind a 100-foot waterfall! 

Beacon Rock: a 1.8 mile hike that takes you to the top of an extinct volcano that overlooks the Columbia River for incredible views of the Gorge