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Amphibian Survey

Amphibians found in Portland Audubon's Pond: Roughskin Newt, Red-legged Frog, Pacific Chorus Frog (also called Pacific Tree Frog), Long-toed Salamanders, Northwestern Salamanders (potentially)

Pacific Chorus Frog - by David Redthunder
Pacific Chorus Frog - by David Redthunder

In spring 2006, PSU graduate student Tierra Curry used Portland Aububon's pond as a control site for her research project, which focused on the impact of wetlands that are seasonally drained using water-control structures on native amphibian species and invasive bullfrogs.

Historically, wetland floodplains would have had a seasonal flooding pattern and dried out in late summer.

Currently, a lot of managed wetlands are being seasonally drained to mimic the historical flood pattern. Tierra's research will try to determine how this impacts amphibians.

Do natives metamorphose before the wetland is dry?

Can bullfrog tadpoles survive in the mud?

Audubon's pond was used as a control site because it stays wet year round. 

Tierra found that Audubon's pond has so many newts that its hard to detect other species. When she set traps, all she found were very fat newts that had eaten everything else in the traps!

Amphibians found in Portland Audubon's pond:

Roughskin Newt

Red-legged Frog

Pacific Chorus Frog (also called Pacific Tree Frog)

Long-toed Salamanders

Northwestern Salamanders (potentially)

Non-pond breeding species found in our sanctuary:

Western Redback Salamanders

Dunn's Salamanders



To find out more about Tierra's research: tierra@pdx.edu

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