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1st grade

1st grade camps

Frogs & Friends (1st-2nd)
In this camp, we’ll search the pond for tadpoles and frogs and learn about the places they love to hide.
Raptor Rama (1st-2nd)
Investigate the differences between eagles, hawks, owls and falcons as you visit the Wildlife Care Center and get an up-close look at several Birds of Prey.
Gnome Homes (1st-2nd)
Step into the world of the fabled Gnomes of the Pacific Northwest as we explore the mystery and folklore of these mythical creatures.
Wet and Wild (1st-2nd)
Turn over rocks in Balch Creek looking for Caddisflies and Crayfish.
Animal Hospital (Half Day: Open to Kindergarten too)
Discover how to help wild animals by preventing animal injuries in your neighborhood.
Animal Tracks & Animal Traces (1st-2nd)
Polish your awareness and observation skills as you hike, crawl and scramble your way through the forest looking for signs of animals.
The Woodpecker's World (1st-2nd)
Spend the week searching the woods for holes left in trees and scanning the skies for woodpeckers in flight.
Forest Fairies (1st-2nd)
Come spend a week exploring Portland Audubon’s magical trails, listening and searching for fairies and other hidden creatures
Survival 101 (Half Day: Open to Kindergarten too)
Band together with your fellow campers to learn the “ins and outs” of survival in the wild
All Aflutter: Butterflies and Friends (Half Day: open to Kindergarten too)
We’ll head to the fields, forests and streams in Audubon’s Wildlife Sanctuary to see how many amazing flying friends we can find
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Acorn Woodpecker - A. Schmierer
Acorn Woodpecker - A. Schmierer
hiding- G.Pena
hiding- G.Pena
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