Front Door Bird Seed Delivery from the Nature Store

Portland Audubon’s Nature Store is pleased to now offer a bird seed delivery service right to your front door! With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Nature Store would like support our members and customers as much as possible during this time of social distancing. Feeding the backyard birds is often a highlight of many people’s day, and we want to make feeding the birds as easy as possible during this time.

American Goldfinches at a bird feeder.
American Goldfinch, photo by Mick Thompson

To place an order please call the Nature Store at 503-292-9453 or email Delivery address and payment will be collected upon placing the order, and your order will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day.

  • Offerings: We will be offering all of our different types of seed and suet for delivery! Click here for a full list products we carry.
  • Order Minimum and Delivery Charge – We require a $50 minimum purchase and have a delivery charge of $10. Orders of $80 or more get free delivery!  
  • Pick-Up Option: If you would like to pick up your order and waive the $10 delivery fee, we can arrange a time for you to come by the Nature Store for pick up (no minimum applies for pick up).
  • Delivery Days: We will deliver orders 3 times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We will work our best at getting your order to your door as soon as possible.
  • Delivery Radius: We are able to make deliveries within the city limits of Portland and Beaverton only. We recognize that many of our loyal customers and members live all around the state of Oregon and Washington. Unfortunately, we are not able to make deliveries to every location. If you are outside of the delivery area, consider the pick-up option to arrange a time to pick up your order at the Nature Store.
  • Out of Stock Items: This is a new service the Nature Store is offering, and we are still unsure of how in-demand this service will be. Please be patient if we are temporarily out of stock of certain items as we identify sales trends.

Thank you for supporting the Portland Audubon Nature Store and your backyard birds!