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Teams go out April 17 – June 6

Have fun and raise money to protect Oregon’s birds!

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Birdathon is the uniquely Portland Audubon way to help protect Oregon’s native birds. Now in its 41st year, Birdathon is one of our most beloved traditions, bringing people together to raise funds to protect birds while watching birds. Everyone is welcome – expert birders, casual birdwatchers and beginners! Like a walk-a-thon, Birdathon participants (Birdathoners) collect pledges and donations from friends, family members, and coworkers for finding and counting bird species. 

This year we have a better understanding of how to bird together safely and we are excited to have in-person teams again, as well as virtual ones for those who prefer it. Our education department has been successfully holding small outdoor programs and we will be using the same guidelines. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how the COVID-19 picture will look in May and June. We may be able to loosen these guidelines, but that will depend on recommendations from state and local health authorities. We do know that our Birdathon celebration will again be an online one in mid-June. 

Birdathon COVID-19 Guidelines

For the safety of our participants and the wider communities that we all engage with, below are our updated COVID-19 guidelines for the 2021 Birdathon. The following guidelines are based on the latest information and recommendations from the CDC. We ask that our participants review information related to COVID-19 and do their own due diligence as well.

Fully vaccinated people:

(At least two weeks after the final dose) may carpool or ride in vans with other fully vaccinated people for Birdathon after signing a waiver and providing proof of vaccination. The following guidelines also apply to fully vaccinated people:

      • We require masks to be worn when indoors/vans/cars with other fully vaccinated people. Masks may be momentarily removed for eating and drinking.
      • Participants can take off their mask when outdoors and physically distanced from other people.
      • We require participants to wear a mask outdoors when distance cannot be maintained from partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people or members of the public (e.g. on busy trails).
      • We require continuous air circulation in cars/vans for the full duration of the ride.
      • Scopes must be wiped down with disinfectant when/if sharing spotting scopes with other fully vaccinated people.

 Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people

      • May only ride with others in their household/pod and must wear masks and keep a six-foot distance between themselves and others outside of their household/pod.
      • May not share optics.

Before carpooling, Birdathon participants must:

Since the start of the pandemic, Portland Audubon has been setting its own guidelines based on but not limited to the CDC guidelines. Due to factors such as 1) COVID-19 and knowledge around the virus are constantly evolving and the global community, including the CDC, is still learning and there is a large spectrum of unknowns (such as: how long is the vaccine effective for, are fully vaccinated people carriers of the virus, what about children and vaccinations) 2) breakthrough cases (there is not enough data as of now about these cases and if they are applicable/not applicable to fully vaccinated-to-fully vaccinated people), we are opting to take some precautions for health and safety of our communities until these uncertainties are reduced.

Further information on CDC guidance:


Lazuli Bunting perched on dry flowers
Lazuli Bunting, photo by Hayley Crews.

How to Participate

There are many ways to join Birdathon and make a difference for wildlife.

  • In-person Teams! Some teams will go out birding together, following COVID guidelines for a safe and fun experience. 
  • Virtual Teams! Some team leaders are creating Birdathon experiences that allow participants to bird together, but separately. Depending on your team, you may be in touch via text while birding at different locations, arrange a virtual meeting to tally up your sightings afterward, or take turns birding at the same spot.
  • Solo Birdathon! Go out on your own or with members of your household!

A minimum raise of $50 per participant is requested, unless otherwise indicated.

Contact Birdathon Coordinator Sarah Swanson with any additional questions about participating in Birdathon.